Online Game Smurfs Village, Take Money Users

Parents should be careful to see the fruit of his heart began an addiction to online games. I could have drained the money to buy the game on the website.

As in the United States recently. Some parents were surprised by the bill of credit cards in the surf. The complaints come mainly from the use of online games Smurf Village.

Interactive game creator Farmville Capcom recently released a new game called Smurf's village, taking inspiration Smurf figures. Inside are the main game is Smurfberries.

Such rules, anyone who played Smurfberries should buy with a dollar value. The price of a bucket of U.S. $ Smurfberries 4.99. As for a U.S. bushel $ 11.99, and a barrel of U.S. $ 29.99. If you want a car with the cost of US59, 99.

Some parents complain when children play Smurfberries, conducting transactions via the Internet to buy Smurfberries.

''I asked my son had to use a credit card from their parents. But my son just to show how the game engine,''complained a parent who swell their credit card accounts.

According to these parents, kids just press the button you want. There is no indication of any other. But the game machine can not be stopped. ''If you want to quit smoking, should be eliminated.''
The same also complained that the other parent. The money was drained to pay the children's favorite games online.

Capcom explains that the Smurf village is an online game that is free. Users only pay if they ask for additional game content.

''You can configure the service in the game to lock into the payment column. Such warnings issued''Capcom.

Smurfs' Village, an online game that began early last November.
In the next Smurfs will be created in 3D. Smurf Village is one of the most favorite online games, as well as birds and angry Gamasutra.

Yahoo Ready to Compete with Facebook

YAHOO always take measures buying and selling Internet services companies, to compete with the toughest competitors up.

Since its inception, the Internet service provider company in the field of communication that has won more than half a dozen technology companies within 15 years, to join Yahoo.

But not all businesses are home to join Yahoo. There are some companies that bought and sold at low prices.

Yahoo said in a press release, in 2011, Yahoo plans to close the page Delicious social bookmarking site. The cause Upcoming.org originally partnered with Yahoo in making historical records in many large cities, went bankrupt.

On that basis Delicious Yahoo sold or combined with other groups with similar interests. Delicious offset the loss by expanding network of blogs, news content.

Yahoo spokeswoman said in a press release today the company will focus on the world of communications services both locally and on the move (mobile).

Case sales of Delicious is not new to Yahoo. History has recorded in 1997, Four11 to create an email network called RocketMail.

E-mail became the top site in the U.S. after joining Yahoo Mail.Not long after Yahoo bought Sportasy which later became the leader in the world of fantasy sports.

I still remember GeoCities? Yahoo acquired GeoCities U.S. $ 3 billion. GeoCities founder John sheep bot also admitted purchasing it really is a great value.

But last year was closed geo-citations. Yahoo sheep bot motivation never know exactly how much value geo-citations, so that was the place to be sacrificed.

Yahoo also invaded the world of music. audio transmission company owned by Mark Cuban buy Yahoo was valued at U.S. $ 5.7 billion. Under the label of the issue. com, Yahoo began to break into several divisions, including Yahoo Music, the online radio service.

Yahoo continued to expand in the world of music with the Yahoo Music Jukebox delivery. Yahoo to buy Musicmatch Jukebox U.S. $ 160 million. Musicmatch previous use of Windows software to be transferred to iPods. But then unable to compete with Apple.
Finally, Yahoo's Yahoo Music Jukebox use the labels, and work with Rhapsody in the use of software services.

Yahoo Zimbra
also bought a software company with a value of U.S. $ 350 million. This year Zimbra VMware sold at a price below the initial price.

also common. Yahoo has bought a giant company selling services online vacancy service for U.S. $ 436 million. Yahoo middle of this year to finally launch HotJobs.com Monster with a value of half the original price.

Currently, Yahoo getting ready money went to buy the latest games, which tells the story of King Midas was the king of Greece.

Google Phone Nexus S Fly into Orbit

To implement the Nexus S phone, Google employees to design seven air balloon in which each contains phone. The balloons were persecuted can go to orbit.

Nexus S is the output smartphone that uses Google's Android platform version 2.3.

Wang Zi as published in a Google company blog, the project aims to test some hardware sensors on the phone.

In an interview with the magazine New Scientist, Google is planning talks with the British satellite manufacturer on the contribution of core technologies in a Nexus S phone to help build a small satellite.
This phone is very strong'','' Wang said that his publications.

In practice, the seven capsules have been flown. At least one of them reaches a height of more than 100,000 feet (over 20 km.)

From the results of detection, Nexus phone stopped working at an altitude of 60,000 feet, about twice the aircraft when in the air.

Google has posted some videos on YouTube related to this project.

Apple launches New Quickoffice 2.2 Connecy Mobile Suite into iPad

Apple launches New Quickoffice 2.2 Connecy Mobile Suite into iPad. Version 2.2 of this program can be upgraded for free to users of IPAD.

Quickoffice version 2.2 is the ability to add text formatting more broadly, and have the ability to edit graphics files in PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 and serves the files.

Quickoffice Mobile Connect Suite
allows you to create, open and edit Microsoft Office files on the iPad. This function is dedicated to devices that work with Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

In addition, the program has worked well for some online storage services, including Dropbox, MobileMe, Google Docs and Box.net.

In this update, users can manipulate the font, color, size and style, add, delete and rearrange slides, layers of an object changes, enter and edit text boxes, insert images that are in or from the Quickoffice application IPAD photo. Presentations can be viewed directly on the screen IPAD and external monitor.

To download this program will cost U.S. $ 15 and runs on IOS 3.2.


Smartphone LG Optimus Star LU3000 | Android with Nvidia Tegra 2

Smartphone LG LU3000 that do not take the attention make LG complacent surprise. In the smartphone market, they gush upscale new handset named LG Optimus Star.
LG Star with Froyo Android OS. So far, this phone has a lot of acoustic performance in the Internet and so-called adopted gingerbread. But the timing could be the issue later, Motorola will Gingerbread Star in fact hold.
A look at the specs, the phone is indeed worthy to be a star, as its name. The one that makes material is assumed dual-core processor Nvidia Tegra 2, the new supposedly the only one there on Android phones. LG occurrence Star increasingly following a review of his videos on YouTube show convinced.
Other specifications are 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, 1080p HD video recording, 4-inch capacitive screen. So far, the focus of a new Motorola Android phone for middle class and below as Optimus One. You do not have a handset capable, released in the upper class struggle. Could be, Optimus star, who said this is next year will be the answer.

Google Nexus S, First Use Gingerbread

Google finally officially Nexus S. The next Google phone from Samsung is manufactured, imported. In contrast to the Nexus, which was launched with bells and whistles to life, gave Google Nexus S only by a posting on his official blog.

Android founder, now serves VP of engineering at Google, said, Nexus S is used in conjunction with the inauguration of the Android 2.3 aka gingerbread. Nexus S model for Andorid 2.3
Google developed the Nexus S together with Samsung. The specifications are quite close to the popular products such as Samsung Galaxy S.

Nexus S Performance Samsung Cortex-A8 processor is supported (Hummingbird) 1 GHz and 16 GB of internal memory storage and graphical processing units (GPU) in part. perfect addition to supporting multi-tasking, can also be S Nexus Wi-Fi hotspots, the callling the Internet, and the first Android smartphone is equipped with a chip Near Field Communication (NFC) called equipped to read digital bar code.
Contour 4-inch display for the first time in the Nexus S. Super Thin AMOLED display strong laminated glass, so the screen is always clear.

Software and the latest version of the mobile application from Google has embedded in him, such as Google Search, Google Maps with navigation (Beta), mobile instant, voice operations, Gmail and Google Earth. Nexus Market S can also be more than 100,000 applications from Android. Another feature is the voice of actions to execute almost any command from the menu to play music, SMS, call, or navigation.

Gateway LighT25 with New Feature

The tendency of young people who have to exist in social networks, try to read the gateway. The American company launched its newest netbook LighT25 Light series.
The new Light-family supplement is in fact one of the previous series. This can be demonstrated by the performance of the most important to surf the cyber space and beautiful appearance and stylist.
LighT25 comes in 3 colors, black sesame, red strawberry, coconut and white. kg with a weight of only 1.25, so owners more stylish than menjinjingnya. In addition, the light screen 25 10.1-inch WXGA Ultrabright SD LED backlight and TFT-LCD with 1024 × 600 pixels and high brightness (200nit).
buried in parts of the brain were dual-core Atom N550 (1.50GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 8.5 W) as a processor, and the operating system Windows 7. can also record, 1 GB DDR3 memory and 250GB hard drive data to the reliability of this Gateway Netbook support.
For convenience and comfort for the access to social networking sites today is a necessity, brings Gateway One-Click button social network. The one-touch button brings the magic of the three accounts of social networking in your presence.
Front-Liner Gateway States, one of the advantages LighT25 because it was with a 6 cell battery, a resistance has provided up to 8 hours. Another advantage is a certified WLAN and Bluetooth version 3.0.
"This is the latest version of the Bluetooth laptop with a speed higher than the previous series," he said.
For voice services, high-definition audio support with two built-in stereo speakers for stunning sound. "No doubt, the Gateway Series LighT25 suitable choice for office workers, he said.

Two Android Dell Tablet Ready Released | Dell Streak 2

Dell Streak success. The success of this study was in two variants Dell tablet, which repeatedly launched soon. Both are Dell Streak second generation and a new tablet is still a mystery.
Dell Streak debuted in Indonesia since before October 2010. Tiny tablets at once was the first Dell tablet that uses the Android operating system.
Interest of the community against these products claims that Dell, with thousands of units sold since its launch have a few months ago. Imagine, in the first launch Streak sold 1,000 units, and grows until it reaches 2 to 3 times.
Marketing Manager, Consumer Business, Dell realized this phenomenon makes optimistic Dell launched two tablets, which published a few months ahead. "Yes, we will be releasing the Dell Streak 2 and a new tablet in February sometime," he said.
Dell Streak 2, has reportedly slightly better specifications than its predecessor. For example, use larger resolution 1280 x 800 pixels. While the first generation line only 480 x 800 pixels.
"Using Dell Streak 2 even after the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor," he said.
Besides Streak 2, Dell will also promise to bring the tablet with a larger screen size.


Switch | New Multi-User Applications for the iPad

iPad certainly want to give others. The reason, especially if they are worried that people reading your email and other personal data.

But now, with the implementation of change, it does not matter. You see, the application developer Michael O'Brien began last week, users can iPad more than one person.

Each user can have personal information such as passwords to protect your accounts. In this application, a system of rapid access to as a "guest", which automatically eliminates the "story" after use.

With several separate accounts in a single application can provide a user leaves the web page and then in a state of "tags" that are still open.

U.S. Applications $ 4.99 is ideal for large families. Switch is compatible with the operating system IOS iPad 4.2. Later, early version 1. 1 for devices with IOS 3.2 operating system support.

Google Releases New Google Earth 6

Google launched Google Earth latest version 6 for Windows, OS X and Linux. Google Maps Street View is now integrated with Google Earth.

"Orange Guy" (little feature that your position is on Street View) is located next to the navigation controls of Google Earth, which was found when it is released as Google Maps.

to find some additional features such as trees in 3D animation, drawing in a more integrated, and the lightness of the pictures from the old location. For example, could the images of Warsaw in 1935, see London in 1945 and in Port-au-Prince, Haiti affected by the earthquake. Moreover, these additional features are used in navigation, go to direct search.

This latest Google Earth, see if there are small places to visit areas that were not visited, or search for a holiday destination with a more realistic picture.

Best Touchscreen Smartphone

Big and beautiful screen and the "interface" touch-based "first class" know that even though the physical keyboard forget. Now the touch screen to be important for the smartphone category. At present, the high quality touch screen can be easily connected to the PC, tablet, mobile phones, music players and digital cameras.

In 2007, the emergence of the iPhone sparked a revolution in the area of the touch screen smart phone. 3.5-inch touch screen on the phone floating keyboard. Three years later, many smartphones with touch screen next. Here are 10 of the best touch-screen smartphone:

iPhone 4
Wide screen, great camera and a faster processor is added to the application for the iPhone experience. But a call is not a priority.

IPhone 3G
Although half the previous price. 3G greater range and a computing device related.

Samsung Captivate
With a fast processor, the clarity of the screen, social networks and good PC sync Captivate is the best smartphone for users of AT & T.

If most of your time devoted to "Online" EVO offers a complete resistance to the window. the first U.S. telephone WiMAX provides a platform for streaming media and web browsing.

LG Optimus S
Android based phone is packaged in a slab of touch screen with all the necessary functions for consumers and small businesses.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G
The combination provides an elegant display and the latest software, Android.

Samsung vibrant
Super T-Mobile phone offers plenty of performance in some low-cost monthly plans.

Droid Incredible by HTC
Big screen with full power and "interface" of interest.

Samsung Fascinate
The size is between Motorola and HTC X Droid Droid incredible. Right to buy smart "Verizon.

Motorola Droid X
"Smartphone" strongest amazing HTC Droid. interface 4.3-inch widescreen display makes maneuvering very well call it the finger.

BenQ DV S11, Cameras and Projectors

BenQ S11, BenQ launches DV camcorder, which comes in colorful designs and a small size to almost anywhere. The gadget is equipped with 5 MP camera and 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor that captures the video has a size of 1080 helps equipped.

This camcorder has 10 shooting modes that help users more accurately record the image. The best part of this series is the projector 'Pico', a video or a presentation that can be loaded into memory and this immediately transferred to the computer.

'Pico' Projector is capable of displaying video on the screen of 50 inches. BenQ S11 equipped DV HDMI and AV output for improved connectivity. This new camcorder price range between $ 300 and only in Hong Kong.

Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4 , Choose which one?

Line of smartphones that do large firms increased. After the Apple iPhone 4 on June , 2010, in early October 2010 Nokia also started to distribute the N8 to all participants. It will certainly be difficult to choose the best product of this.

To have not decided, let's look at the query specifications attached to these two gadgets. In relation to the size and weight, the difference between the N8 and the iPhone 4 is not too significant. N8 has dimensions of 113.5 x59x12, 9 mm with a weight of 135 grams

iPhone 4 dimensions 115.2 x58, 6x9, 3 mm with a weight of 137 grams of supported data networks was not very different. N8 offers GPRS and EDGE class B, HSDPA with a speed of 10.2 Mbps, 2.0 Mbps HSUPA WLAN IEEE802, 11b / g / n

While the iPhone supports four data access over a network speeds GPRS class 10, 32 to 48 kbps and EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps speed, speed, 7. 2 Mbps HSDPA, HSUPA at speeds of 5.76 Mbps and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n

One can see, is the rate offered depends on the mobile network operator is used. For connectivity, which are also equipped with Bluetooth and USB port. Both the iPhone 4 and N8 is compatible with GPS and push email service. It seems that the two features that now has become the standard for a smartphone.

The difference between the N8 and the iPhone 4 is in the operating system they use. iPhone 4 iOS4 assumes that Apple's latest operating system.

To iOS4 comes with multi-task and create folders as you, so that users that applications that are downloaded from the App Store in a folder. iOS4 also appears and users, allows messages to all email accounts in one integrated inbox.

Meanwhile, N8 using the Symbian platform 3 and Java-based MIDP 2.1. Symbian 3 comes with over 250 new features. Symbian party claims it also features support the creation of video content in high quality, but seen through a large screen television.

The camera was a pillar N8. To this end, Nokia location of the camera 12 megapixel resolution Carl Zeiss lens, F number (aperture) F2, 8, 5.9 mm focal length, autofocus, face detection and Xenon flash application. Facebook users can video call, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer installed two cameras.

Second VGA camera to take screen technology with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. While the resolution of 720p video camera has high definition quality.

As with the N8, subject to the iPhone 4 of the 5 megapixel resolution. However, the camera with geo-tagging capabilities provided by video and can record video with a resolution of 720 p.

If you have a hobby of taking pictures, but lazy to take a camera seems to be, the Nokia N8 the right choice. However, the iPhone was no less fun because of its resolution of 5 megapixel camera is sufficient if only to capture important moments on the trip.

Smartphone GT540, LG Smart Rider

Elegant. This first impression was when he saw the GT540 LG. In addition to a smart phone, smart (smartphone) platform Android 1.6, which includes a variety of multimedia work quickly.

LG GT540 is available in several colors. Printing, elegant design exudes from its trunk to the ends of the slightly rounded, and wrapped in white texture. The application of a layer of chrome on both edges and the presence of too many keys that do not contribute to reinforce the impression of elegance.

One of the unique LG GT540 is on the home screen option. Android based phones are usually only offers the home screen of Android. However, LG joins other home screen called LG Home. accelerate and facilitate the presence of LG of the Interior and the search for the application because the application does more.

Users can also select a category. By creating a separate category, users can easily remember and find the applications that are already grouped in each category.

The selection can be done from the Start menu on the display screen selection. Inside there LG540 system around social networking (SNS). Thanks to the controls, the holder of the account on Facebook, Twitter and Bebo to the state, view the status of friends and send and read messages quickly.

Contact List three social networks can also be contacted by telephone. Contact your display name, photo, phone number and the call button. LG540 have the touch screen. To find phone numbers in its class, a valuable Rp3 million under the unit's touch screen was very attractive, so that users can enter and choose the applications quickly.

Phones that have a processor speed of 600 MHz is also a device for playing games like car racing at high speed. The dimensions of 109x54, 5x12, 7 mm used not only in form but in a position to play the game.

Not only that, download games and other applications can also be done quickly. 3-megapixel camera resolution are available and can be used to take photographs and moving images to go. Screen GT540 great when you used to see photos, videos and text.

However, the result is less good when viewed in the sun. However, there is certainly a big problem for users who spend more time at home and rarely outdoors during the day.

Technical data and other features in WiFi 802.11 b / g, GPS, digital compass, Bluetooth 2. 1 with A2DP, GSM, 3G, Micro-SD slot, FM radio and 139 MB internal memory included. Android platform for mobile phones as low as $ 300 of the GT540 has a pretty good performance and a design that seems to be expensive.