BlackBerry London from CrackBerry

Crackberry seem to have had a slide that contains information about the BlackBerry London complete with features information that will be pinned on the smartphone that will run with the BlackBerry 10.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, a BlackBerry London design drawings that appear in the slide looks very much different from the previous image the alleged sightings of BlackBerry London.

From the previous photo, the BlackBerry London has silver accents and edges are firm and rigid so it looks like the BlackBerry Porsche Design P 9981, but for the image that currently appears, the BlackBerry London is more similar to the Playbook and the Droid X.

Various rumors about BlackBerry London this is still confusing, many people who try to guess the specs BlackBerry London. From the obscure, the better we wait for the official announcement from RIM for this new device.


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